November 15, 2014

Ready for Pikazard?

To celebrate the newest Pokemon Center, all Centers will be releasing Pikazard merch! The large angry face Pikazard plush and pin will be exclusive to the new Center, but everything else will be sold in other Centers starting December 12th. The items and prices are as followed:

Pikazard Y plush - 2,000 yen
Angry face Pikazard plush - 2,000 yen
Backpack (adult version) - 8,200 yen
Backpack (kids version) - 6,400 yen
Large duffle bag - 8,200 yen
Small duffle bag - 6,800 yen
Pouch - 2,480 yen
Clear file - 280 yen
Handkerchief - 340 yen
Cups - 600 yen
Drawstring bags - 640 yen
Netsuke strap - 600 yen
Pass case - 800 yen
Metal charm set - 380 yen
Charizard Torretta box - 926 yen
Mega ring set with pearly coated Mega Charizard Y MC figure - 2,200 yen
Model collection figure with pearly coating and Pikachu - 1,500 yen
Pikazard plush keychain - 900 yen
Cookie tin - 980 yen
Pikazard poncho - 3,600 yen
Pin - 630 yen


  1. Hi, does this mean that the Angry face Pikazard plush will not be made available on the Amazon JP pokemon store?

  2. I kinda want the mega ring set and the pearled figure with pika in it....

  3. Is angry Pikazard larger than the default happy one? It's a little more money on most sites I've seen, but none specify the size DX

    1. I believe people are charging more as it is exclusive to the new center.

  4. Hi, I am just wondering where you would order Japanese Pokemon Center items from. Because I live in the UK, I can't get anything from either. Thank you :)