February 20, 2015

More Pokemon Nendoroids!
After the huge success of the Red Nendoroid figure, Good Smile is making more! Cynthia will come with two face parts, five arm parts, five hand parts, legs, a Pokeball, and Garchomp. I have to admit I never thought I'd see the day my favorite Pokemon would get a Nendoroid!

Cynthia will be up for reservation at Japanese Centers starting March 7 through April 15 for 5,000 yen. She will be delivered July 25th.


  1. -gasp- Cynthia! Omg can you get this in the USA somehow?!

    1. The Pokemoncenter.com stocked the English Red Nendoroid a few months after the Japanese one was released, so I assume the same thing will happen with Cynthia.

  2. And ofcourse it will never reach europe :(