May 22, 2015

Pikachu is at it again!
In celebration of the newest Pokemon Center, the Center will be releasing new Pikachu poncho plushies! The Magikarp and regular Gyarados Pikachu will be available in every Pokemon Center, but Red Gyarados Pikachu is limited to the Hiroshima Center. They are all 2,000 yen each and will be released June 26th.


  1. Where would you buy these from if they are only in Japan stores? (please don't say ebay)

  2. There are several websites that sell Japanese PokeCen merch. Sunyshore is probably the best of them. Or you could use a forwarding service like Tenso and order them from Amazon Japan.

    1. iirc, the pikazards sold out pretty quickly. Do you think the pikados plushes will still be available at pokemon centers in early July?