October 23, 2015

New Tomy merch!
Tomy has released new HD photos of some of their upcoming figures and plushies! The prices and release dates are as followed:

October 24th:
Super Size shiny Mega Metagross figure - 650 yen
Noibat, Pikachu figures - 330 yen each
Eevee, Pikachu plushies - 1,680 yen each

November 21st:
Hyper Size Ho-Oh figure - 702 yen
Super Size Mega Charizard X figure using Dragon Claw - 650 yen
Super Size Mega Charizard Y figure using Dragon Tail - 650 yen


  1. What are your opinions on this odd choice of re-released Mega Pokemon in a different pose for this instead of new Mega figures?

    1. I like the dynamic poses that the Mega Charizard figures have, but I would have much preferred figures of say, Mega Audino or Mega Slowbro. It'll be interesting to see if this is a new trend for Tomy figures, or just Charizard getting special treatment due to popularity.