October 31, 2015

A new challenger approaches!
It has been over a year since Mega Blaziken was released, but the Pokemon S.H.Figuarts line is back! Pikachu is the newest Pokemon to join the series. It appears that it will come with interchangeable faces and a thunderbolt effect. It will be 4,200 yen and will be released April 2016.

Bandai is pretty bold for charging that much when there are hundreds of far cheaper Pikachu figures out there. Perhaps they are trying to make up for the poor sales of Lucario and Mega Blaziken?



  1. The thunderbolt effect would be cool, but I'm pretty sure it's just the Lightning Effects Bandai released a while back, just as the others also use released/upcoming effects packs as well.

    It'll be annoying if there's no lightning bolts or anything though. Pika doesn't necessarily look good enough to warrant the price if it doesn't even come with a thunder attack piece.

    1. Actually, looking at it I see a plate for the thunderbolt effect piece, so it's definitely the sold separately thing.

    2. Whether or not it'll be the one pictured, I still expect Pikachu to come some sort of attack accessory. If Bandai thinks 4,200 yen for a rather crappy looking Pikachu figure with only 3 changeable faces is enough, they have officially lost their minds.

    3. This is crazy XD 4,200 yen!!! They better make a Ash Ketchum figure to go with this at least. Would love to have them both displayed on my shelf ^~^