February 20, 2016

Big doesn't even begin to describe it!
Good luck shipping this guy! Snorlax here measures at 59 x 51 inches, or about 5 feet tall. It weighs about 26 pounds. It isn't true to life, as Snorlax is listed at 6'11", but it is still one ginormous plush! It will cost you 52,000 yen (about $460 USD) on the Bandai Premium Shop. They are taking reservations for it starting February 26th to March 31st. It is expected to ship in August 2016.


  1. Where exactly (url) is this shop? I want to be ready when it's live.

    1. They don't ship outside Japan, but here is the link: http://p-bandai.jp/

  2. looks good but wow its an expensive toy!

  3. It's now sold out. But for the curious, it would cost around $1,000 - $2000 to ship from Japan to the USA (Atlanta, GA). It's not very heavy about 12 kg (26 lbs) but its the size that makes it so expensive to ship. Once a package measures 150 cm or more on one size, it can't be ship by EMS. It can only be shipped by sea mail (in a shipping container) or by private carrier (via FedEx, UPS, DHL)

    Private carriers charge packages by either its volumetric weight (which is calculated to L X W X H /5000 ) or actual weight; whatever is higher is charged. So even though this snorlax weighs 12 kg , its "volumetric weight" (150 X 130 X 60 cm / 5000) is 234 kg. So private carriers will charge 234 kg, which will result in a $1000+ price; depending on where you live in the USA and what mail forwarder/shipper you choose.

    Shipping by a private carrier, means that they will help you clear the package via customs and deliver it to your door. Toys imported from China or Japan, do not have customs fees. So you won't be charged custom fee by the US government on this plush. However, if it gets inspected by customs (which it could because large packages are more likely to get inspected). If inspected, you can be charged a series of administration fees, such as:

    Customs Merchandise Processing fee (min. $25 for informal entry, anything valued less than $2,500)
    Carrier brokerage fee (the cost of the shipping company paying on your behalf)
    Private individual submission (cost of recording your customs entry, processing, and fees for non-business purposes)
    Credit card fee (paying custom fees using a card)
    Other Government Agency (Optional fee, which only is charged if customs feels that another government agency (such as CPSC for children toys or FDA for foods) must inspect your goods)

    These fees tend add up to $50 - $100+. If the shipper fills out your customs form wrong or forgets to include an invoice, they can charge penalty fees. If they have to put your item in storage because they are backlogged in customs. They will charge you storage fees. These customs fees are really sneaky and can catch you off guard. So please don't import large items unless you are okay with having to randomly pay $200+ more.

    Finally, shipping by sea container (sharing one with other people) is cheaper; somewhere around $350 - $500. But if you ship this way, it will take 1-3 months to receive; cause its coming on a boat. Where as private carrier takes a 2 - 5 days (if it doesn't get held in customs) because its by air. The biggest hassle with shipping by sea container is the customs process.

    Where as an air carrier will handle it for you, a sea container carrier will not. This means either doing it yourself or hiring a customs broker. Doing it yourself isn't advised because a misunderstanding of customs rules can mean hefty penalties, return of shipment, or delays in getting your item. Plus you have to live near/travel to your nearest shipping port) to pay for and fill out custom forms; which means gas, hotel, and food costs. While a customs broker, will take care of customs and delivery to your house from the port, it also comes at a hefty price $150 - $600 (depends on how far you live from the port, the customs fees, and rather your container is inspected by customs).

  4. This is so cute and indeed expensive! If you have the money better order it now before it runs out. I'm sure a lot of children will love to have one, will re-post this on best resume writing service, so other parents would know and who knows my employer will buy this for me.

  5. I dont care how much it will cost but one day i will get an 8ft snorlax plushie. I dont care i love snorlax im an adult and im tall i need a snorlax that is bigger than me by quite a bit if snorlax is smaller than me in height it will completely ruin the joy of having a gisnt snorlax i mean cmon he blocks whole roads be must he big! Plus i want to sleep on him i vant if hes only 5 feet tall thats shorted than most everyone i know. So please someone make an 8ft snorlax plushie!! Us adults want a large snorlax to you know..

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