April 21, 2016

Banpresto can't stop, won't stop!
Banpresto really has been busy lately! Here are high quality images of some previously announced items along with some new stuff! Everything will be sold in UFO machines. Below are the sizes and release dates everything.

Dittochu, Ditto cushions (10.2 in) - May 12th
Pikachu, Dittochu standing plushies (9.4 in) - May 17th
Small Pikachu, Dittochu, Ditto plushies (5.1 in) - May 26th
Pokeball (13.7 in) - May 26th
Pokken Suicune figure (3.5 in) - May 26th
Clutch pouches (4.3 x 6.6 in) - May 19th