June 3, 2016

Movie 19 Tomy news!
Tomy has released HQ images of several upcoming movie 19 related figures. There will be a movie 19 special pack of figures, which includes Magearna, Volcanion, and a new Ash-Greninja figure. Four new Battle Action figures will also coming out soon. Everything has a released date of mid July, 2016.

Magearna - 702 yen
Magearna plush - 2,160 yen
Movie 19 special pack - 3,240 yen
DX Battle Action Pikachu - 4,980 yen
Battle Action Mega Charizard X - 2,980 yen
Battle Action Volcanion - 2,980 yen
Battle Action Greninja - 1,600 yen


  1. Ah yeah, I know a lot of people are gonna buy up that Battle Action Greninja for their Smash Displays.

  2. Omg magearna is so cool I like can't wait lol