September 21, 2016

Preview of the Sun and Moon Tomy figures!
Tomy has shown off photos of their upcoming EX figure series! It has new Sun/Moon figures along with some re-releases of older Pokemon. They will once again come in different size categories. Release date is November, 2016. Here are the prices:

Monster collection figures - 450 yen
Super size figures - 800 yen
Hyper size figures - 1,200 yen
EX journey set (has Rowlet, Popplio, Litten, Rotom, and Tapu Koko) - 2,990 yen


  1. Nice!...Already more than what we got with gen 6! :D

  2. hi it's sure it costs 1200 yen hyper size ?

  3. could you link me the site these images come from please

  4. so if hyper size cost 1200 yen hobby link japan will do a 20 % bonus and it will cost 960 yen