April 22, 2013

Full photo gallery!


  1. Great photos! What's your opinion on this figure? Personally, I think it's awesome!~ Of course, I've also waited a good 10 years for somethin' like it soo kiiinda biased!

  2. Hi! Have been checking this page since yesterday morning and I really hope you put some more photos online. The video review was also very informative! Although I'm not a big fan of Blastoise and Venusaur, I think the three starters would look awesome together. It's such a shame that figures like this weren't made when I was a kid, but over a decade later in a time where I have 'unlearned' how to play with action figures...

  3. The last picture is awesome! Gotta love that dynamic wing pose...

  4. Hi. I'm a japanese Pokemon fan.
    I watched your review video on youtube.
    Pokemon goods loved by foriegn countries peeple, I'm glad!
    Your pictures and videos are very nice.
    I'm envious your Rittai Pokemon Zukan collection.