May 30, 2015

The Eeveelution merch train never stops!
The Center is collaborating with Kay Uno again to make another round of high end jewelry! This time each necklace is based off of a Eeveelution. Each one will have a special stone. The stones are:
Eevee: Diamond
Vaporeon: Aquamarine
Jolteon: Citrine
Flareon: Ruby
Espeon: Amethyst
Umbreon: Moonstone
Leafeon: Emerald
Glaceon: Blue Topaz
Sylveon: Pink Sapphire

The Center will be accepting reservations for them starting June 6th - July 12th. The necklaces come in different metals which determines the price. They are as followed:

Silver - 15,000 yen
Yellow Gold -  49,000 yen
Pink Gold - 65,000 yen