September 29, 2015

Unique plush galore!
Sanei Boueki has revealed the their full Pokemon plush lineup! They are still set to be released this December. The prices are as followed:

Pikachu, Buneary, Dedenne, Skitty, Wobbuffet, Psyduck, Jigglypuff, Gengar, Espurr, Goomy,
Oddish, Poliwag - 1,600 yen
Altaria, Eevee - 1,800 yen
Lucario - 2,600 yen
Pikachu cushion - 3,800 yen
Wailord cushion - 5000 yen
Gulpin cushion - 4,500 yen

If you are interested, Hobby Link Japan has them up for pre-order at a slight discount here. AmiAmi is also taking pre-orders, but they are charging more than then HLJ.