September 23, 2015

TGS news!

At the Tokyo Game Show this year Sanei Boeki announced they will be releasing some Pokemon plushies! They have a pretty unique lineup with everything from Oddish to Goomy.

There will also be a large size Pikachu plush. They are expected to be released this December.

EDIT: Update with clear pictures and pre-order info!


  1. Oh my god I need this Goomy in my life. I don't have any information on TBT, is there any info on how to get them? Where is TBT located? D: Maybe this'll help to grab one or two, so adorbs! <3

    1. TBT is a Japanese company. They have partnered with Nintendo in the past to make Kirby/Zelda/Mario plushies which were readily available, so hopefully the Pokemon line won't be very difficult to get :)

  2. Thanks for the info! That Puff is perfect. :D