October 9, 2015

New Kay Uno necklaces!
K*Uno is once again collaborating with the Pokemon Center to make another round of luxury necklaces! This time they are making Pikachu and all the first stage starters. Each necklace will come in either silver, yellow gold, or pink gold. You get a special stamp depending on which Pokemon you choose. Each necklace will also be delivered in a special Pokemon Center box. They will be up for reservation starting October 24th through December 6th. They will be delivered depending on when you pre-order, the soonest delivery date being December 21st. The price of each necklace type and the color of the stones each Pokemon will have are listed down below:

Silver - 10,000 yen
Yellow Gold - 39,000 yen
Pink Gold - 59,000 yen

Pikachu - Citrine
Grass starters - Peridot
Fire starters - Garnet
Water starters - Blue Topaz