January 27, 2016

There be news!
Tomy has revealed some of their upcoming figures for the start of the year. These release dates are tentative:

Super Size Shiny Mega Gengar - April 30th
Super Size Shiny Mega Gardevoir - April 30th
Hyper Size Volcanion - April 30th
Super Size Mega Sharpedo - June 30th
Super Size Mega Tyranitar - June 30th
Super Size Mega Beedrill - June 30th

Hyper Size Zygarde 100% - March 31st
Super Size Mega Lucario using Sky Uppercut - March 31st
Super Size Mega Blaziken using High Jump Kick - March 31st
Super Size Noivern using Wing Attack - March 31st


  1. Holy Smokes!...A Shiny Mega Gardevoir?!...Oh Man, I sure hope it's not a Lottery Prize!

  2. Where did you find the source from?

  3. *cries* no Mega Gallade yet......

  4. I'm just realizing that the April lineup was a foreshadowing of the Magearna movie's Pokémon.