July 8, 2017

Nostalgic movie 20 related things!
Banpresto has revealed their lineup for July 2017! The laying down Pikachu and Pikachu Libre plushies are exclusive to the Namco Game Center.

July 4th:
Charmander/Charizard (23cm)
Piplup/Lucario (26cm)
Tea Party Pikachu ice (38cm)

July 6th:
Ash hat Pikachu vol 3 (24cm)

July 11th:
Charmander (35cm)

July 13th:
Ash hat Pikachu vol 4 (24cm)
Ho-Oh (32cm)/Pikachu (23cm)
Charmander/Caterpie/Charizard/Butterfree (12cm)

July 20th:
Tea party Pikachu (24cm)

July 22nd:
Laying down Pikachu (35cm)

August 3rd:
Pikachu Libre (23cm)