May 3, 2018

The official reveal!

Good Smile has revealed their Lively Lillie figma! Shes comes with three face plates including a smile, a beaming smile, and an angry expression.

Lillie also comes with her Cosmog "Nebby," a backpack, Poké Doll, Sun Flute, Moon Flute, and Poké Ball. There are also 2 sets of hands included for holding the flutes which can be used with the Selene figma.

The figure will be released in November 2018. It is priced at 6,296 yen.

There are also bonuses depending on where you pre-order from! The Porygon refresh dryer is a bonus for ordering from Good Smile.

The refresh brush is a pre-order bonus for the JP Pokemon Center Online. The US version hasn't been listed yet.